Room 99 Project – August Update

We welcomed our first family (Luis, Stephanie, and Sebastian) into the Room 99 apartment a week ago! They are excited and relieved to have a safe and stable home. Already they’ve made connections with staff, families with kids, and our gardening group, and they visited the Highland Pool on the hottest day of the summer. Thank you to all who have made them feel at home!

As we get to know each other, we are learning what will help them make this big transition.

  • Meals: Sign up to provide a meal for our newest family during the month of August using Meal Train. They love lasagna, mac and cheese, and other pasta dishes, meat and rice casseroles, and cole slaw.
  • Gift Cards: Target gift cards in the amount of $25, $50, $100, or more will help ready the boy, Sebastian, for school (clothing and supplies) and also help to outfit the entire family for fall and colder weather. Gift cards can be dropped off in the church office.
  • Social Activities: Arranging a play date between your kids and Sebastian, age 7. Taking the family to get ice cream on a warm summer evening. Going for a walk in the neighborhood so they become familiar with the area. If you want to plan a social activity with the family, contact Monica Dooner Lindgren (

Worried about communicating with the family? Google Translate is an indispensable and free app! You can speak or type in what you want to say and the app translates into Spanish. It’s great for use on a smart phone or tablet.