ISAIAH: Action Over Inaction

by Jacque Bieber

I found out about Isaiah when they had the big meeting a few years ago in North Minneapolis. I wanted to find out more about an organization right here in the Twin Cities, devoted to social justice and community building that included people from all religions. I knew there was much for me to learn and I was right.

I am part of the team that is asking church members to pledge that they will vote in the upcoming election. I attended my local caucus and the regional meeting after receiving a phone call from Isaiah that requested I vote for candidates that would support their values. The Isaiah Values are right in line with mine and I think that the upcoming election has the potential to elect candidates that support these values. I believe very strongly that for this to happen we need to get people out to vote. Isaiah is having a meeting this coming Saturday to train us how to make bring out the vote phone calls. If anyone at Gloria Dei reads this and would like to be part of this effort, please text or call me for more information. Jacque Bieber (652-138-1685).