ISAIAH: Action Over Inaction – Supporting Justice and Inclusivity

Amy Hinrichs interviews Kyle Anderson, chair of ISAIAH chapter

At our recent ISAIAH training August 18, I asked Kyle Anderson….why join ISAIAH?

“I was impressed by the energy of the people of Gloria Dei getting involved in the work to support Safe and Sick Time for St Paul.  When I joined Gloria Dei, ISAIAH was sending representatives and going to support meetings with the city council, it was serious work.  ISAIAH was taking action to makes peoples live better.  This work was not just for the economy but humanity.”

Why continue with ISAIAH, what do you think ISAIAH can do for this election?

“As politics are today, it seems important to unite to get things done for the community.  I want to use the faith agenda to promote the universe of human, social, economic and political rights for people.  People are working multiple jobs just to make it.  It really is all connected”.

Thanks to Kyle we have a chair for our ISAIAH core team this fall!

Action over inaction is a value he’s living out.