When in our Music God is Glorified 

 A new organ for Gloria Dei: Purpose, Vision and Opportunities!

“Next to the word of God, music deserves the highest praise.  It creates joyful hearts because it is the gift from God.”   Martin Luther

Music at Gloria Dei is central to our worship life together and a hallmark tradition of this congregation.  Fundamental to that communal worship experience is the pipe organ that provides a versatility and breadth of musical expression that no other instrument can provide.  Unfortunately, the present organ is no longer adequate or reliable enough to meet the needs of Gloria Dei.

Gloria Dei has the opportunity to acquire a new instrument from Letourneau organ builders in Quebec that was removed from a church in Toronto shortly before that church was demolished in 2016.    This instrument will be specifically refurbished and redesigned to meet the needs of Gloria Dei and placed optimally in the sanctuary to best support our worship life and outreach opportunities.

What can this revitalized instrument provide for the mission of Gloria Dei?  There are so many opportunities including:

  • Support and Enhancement of Our Worship Life Together
  • Outreach to a Broader Community
  • Exploration of Expanded Musical Genres and Events

Support and enhancement of our worship life together. Music creates community.  By raising voices together in song, supported by the mighty organ and other instruments, we are united in a communal song.  That communal song transforms us in a way that sends us out into the world to do the ministry that is so desperately needed.  As Luther would say, we are sent out with joyful hearts that have together experienced this gift from God.

Outreach to a broader community.  A new organ can be used to invite the broader community beyond our membership and open even wider the doors of Gloria Dei.  Today the challenges of our current organ limit our ability to host outside musical groups, choirs, recitalists and their friends and supporters.  With a new instrument, we will be able to host many more events allowing musicians to take advantage of this wonderful facility and its amazing acoustics.  Guests at these events will have opportunities to more fully understand and appreciate the ministries of Gloria Dei.

Exploration of expanded musical genres and events. A new instrument with the capabilities that it will provide, will also allow for an exploration of new and different musical genres that address thematic issues, such as social justice and other concerns, in a way that invites Gloria Dei and the broader community to consider these issues in innovative and challenging ways.

While the organ gives homage to the Lutheran tradition of worship, hymnody and singing, ultimately a new instrument is about the future.  A future that can enhance and transform our worship experience and music program.  A future that would provide new and varied opportunities for us to invite our neighbors into our sanctuary for concerts, recitals, and innovative programming focused on issues important to the mission of this congregation.  And, a future that continues to use music, supported by a functioning and beautiful organ, as a focal point in creating the communal song that nurtures and transforms us once the liturgy has ended and our service outside these doors begins.