Room 99 Project Update – September 2021

On May 16, 2021, the congregation renewed its commitment to immigrant justice and voted to modify Room 99, an underused classroom, to add shower and clothes washing facilities and upgrade the current kitchenette. This is the latest on the project.

Anticipation is growing around the Room 99 ministry! Months of planning and meetings have brought us to the start of renovations, which begin mid-October. Here are highlights from September:


– As part of Welcome Sunday on Sept. 19, more than 50 members toured Room 99. We also launched our fundraising effort to raise $20,000. Donations will cover the one-time costs of construction, washer/dryer, and a Murphy bed. We’re extremely grateful for the gifts we’ve already received and urge those who haven’t yet donated to do so here or write a check to Gloria Dei, indicating Room 99 on the memo line.

– We visited the Gloria Dei Quilters Group, which is making two quilts for the beds in Room 99. What a dedicated group of women, and what a thoughtful gift!

– Gloria Dei members have generously responded to the Room 99 Target gift registry. Only about a dozen items are left to purchase. Go to, search first name “Gloria,” last name “Dei.” All orders ship to one location.

– We participated in two excellent training sessions offered by Rachel Uhtmann, director of training for the International Association for Refugees. Rachel will speak at the adult forum on November 7, so mark your calendars. She will provide grounding in what it means to be an asylum seeker, how the experience and needs of asylum seekers differ from those of other immigrants, and ways we can be in authentic, helpful relationship and community with our guests as they work toward self-sufficiency.

– Thanks to all of you who have offered in-kind donations to help furnish Room 99. All of our requests have been filled!

We’re so grateful to be part of a faith community that embraces justice and offers hospitality to those most in need. Questions? Contact Lenore Franzen or Claire Hoyum.