ISAIAH: Abundance Over Scarcity

by Barbara Salava

For a long time, I felt overwhelmed, powerless and frustrated with how my community and the world we live in, were functioning.  As a nurse, I saw people struggling to obtain adequate healthcare while earning minimal wages including my brother. He has been a diabetic since childhood. Due to deteriorating health, he was forced to take an early retirement at 62.  We then discovered for him to have individual adequate health coverage, it would cost $1,136 per month. In addition, private insurances do not cover insulin and that would be an additional $460 a month.  Diabetics are dependent on insulin for their lives.  I asked myself why should this be happening in our country that has such wealth.  This is only one of the injustices, I have experienced or witnessed.

Isaiah has offered me an avenue to express myself in a non-violent way.  The organization and people share my moral values.  We have to start learning who is representing the people in our local and state government and who shares our values and who is for all the people.  The next step is to make sure and vote.  I believe our local and world situation will change if each individual collectively makes an effort.