Racial Injustice – Inclusion over Exclusion

I’m proud to be on the Isaiah team for Gloria Dei.

Pastor Bradley gave us the image of huddling from a football perspective on Sunday, September 16.  Your Isaiah team is “huddling” to figure out our team strategy to reach our goal of a commitment from all voters at Gloria Dei to vote on November 6.   We hope we can count on you so we reach the end zone and make that touchdown.

In our conflicted and divisive society, I want my vote to support candidates whose platforms are consistent with my values.  I want them to win their elections and use their positions to stand by their platforms.  My focus is on racial justice this campaign season.  What is the candidate’s position toward equal justice for all, easy access to voter registration and polling place options?  What does the candidate believe about restoring voting privileges which have been lost due to incarceration?  I WILL inform myself about the candidates and personally urge them to support “my” issues.  As a person of faith and a citizen of the US, I have a responsibility to take my values with me when I exercise my right and duty to vote.

WILL you join me in voting your values when you go to the polls on November 6?  Hope so!

Janet Warwick