Welcome to shared ministry at Gloria Dei!

Shared ministry is a model for embracing our congregation’s mission as a responsibility not just of staff and key leaders but also of every member of the congregation. Shared ministry celebrates the unique gifts and experience each member has to offer and invites those gifts into service; it offers opportunities for ministry that nurture and develop members’ gifts in ways that advance our shared mission and foster our growth as a community and as individuals.

How is God calling you to serve the mission of Gloria Dei? Below you will find an overview of opportunities for service in our ministry together. As you identify areas where your interests and gifts align with particular ministry roles, mark them on the “Volunteer Ministry Interests” form and click submit. A leader with each of the ministries you identify will contact you to further explore these opportunities. You can also find more information about each of the roles in the ministry position description binder in the church office.

Volunteer Ministry Opportunities at Gloria Dei

Administrative Ministry Positions

Human Resources Committee Member

The Human Resources (HR) Committee provides guidance in hiring, supervising, and defining personnel roles to the Congregation Council and senior pastor. The HR Committee also assists in setting the budget for salaries and benefits all Gloria Dei employees. The committee meets once every two months, or more often, if required. Members generally have professional experience in human resources or management roles or possess other skills that prepare them to guide human resources policies and practices for Gloria Dei.

Offering Counter

An offering counter works as part of a team to record and count offerings and contributions at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, providing accounting control for cash/check receipts and deposits.

Saturday Office Worker

A Saturday office worker opens and staffs church office on Saturday mornings; the volunteer answers telephones, assembles Sunday bulletins, and greets guests.

Temporary Office Coverage Volunteer

A temporary office coverage volunteer fills in for regular office staff when they are unavailable; the volunteer answers telephones, greets guests, and handles other clerical tasks, as needed.

Caring and Healing Ministry Positions

Blood Drive Volunteer

A blood drive volunteer assists the blood drive coordinator in planning for, and working on, tasks assigned at the American Red Cross blood drive hosted at Gloria Dei each year.

Card Ministry Team Member

Members of the Card Ministry Team gather about once a month to make cards for various church needs, such as holiday cards for homebound members (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter), sympathy cards for the Grief Ministry Team, get well soon or thinking of you cards for the Post-Hospitalization Ministry Team, and welcome cards for the New Arrivals Ministry Team. In addition, we make thank you and birthday cards as needed by the pastoral staff.

Funeral Reception Volunteer

Funeral reception volunteers prepare for, serve, and clean up after funeral reception luncheons, and provide warm hospitality to funeral guests.

Faith and Food Ministry Team Member

Members of the Faith and Food Ministry Team are on a mailing list, and when a food need is present, they are notified and decide whether they can assist with meeting that need. The team typically responds to requests from the Post-Hospitalization, Grief Ministry Team, or New Arrival Ministry Team, as well as the pastoral staff.

Grief Support Ministry Team Member

Members of the Grief Support Ministry Team work with members of the congregation grieving loss, contacting them at the time of loss and/or 4-6 weeks after the loss to express sympathy on behalf of the congregation, providing listening and compassion.

Hope in Recovery Team Member

The Hope in Recovery Team seeks to bring awareness to addiction-recovery issues, reach out to those in need, and offer a place of solace for participants. Volunteers participate in team discussion and offer a devotion and/or written piece to submit to the office for publication.

Mental Health Ministry Team Member

The Mental Health Ministry Team works together to promote mental health awareness by planning events to make people aware of mental health issues and to reduce the stigma of mental illness.

New Arrival Ministry Team Volunteer

The New Arrival Ministry Team volunteer identifies individuals who are having, or have had recent, additions to their families by birth or adoption and reaches out by sending a handmade card, emailing, phoning, or visiting in person to offer meals, prayer shawl, or other items to welcome the child.

One-to-One Ministry Volunteer

A One-to-One Ministry volunteer visits and delivers Christmas and Easter greetings and gifts from the congregation to members unable to be in church in person.

Post-Hospitalization Ministry Team Member

A Post-Hospitalization Ministry Team member acts as the heart and hands of the congregation, expressing care and concern to individuals following a hospitalization or release from a transitional care unit. On behalf of the congregation, team members make visits or phone calls or send cards to congregation members recently hospitalized.

Prayer Shawl Ministry Team Member

Prayer Shawl Ministry team members (“prayerful knitters”) knit or crochet prayer shawls that are donated to members of the congregation who are going through difficult times in their lives. Prayer shawls are often given by the Grief Ministry Team or the Post-Hospitalization Team, pastors, and parish nurse, though anyone may request a prayer shawl.

Prayer Team Member

Prayer Team members serve with a partner to pray confidentially for, and with, individuals who seek prayers for themselves, loved ones, or the world. Prayer teams participate in the services on one Sunday each month, and team members are scheduled online.

Quilting Ministry Team Member

Quilting Ministry team members of all skill levels gather in fellowship on Thursday mornings and/or work at home to make or contribute to the creation of quilts most of which are distributed to Lutheran World Relief, ELCA Disasters, Lutheran Social Service of MN and other organizations supporting people in need such as hospitals, shelters, and camps for the disabled.

Visitation Ministry Team Volunteer

Visitation Ministry Team volunteers take communion to congregation members who are unable to be in church in person.

Communications and Technology Positions

Audio-Visual Support Team Member

See Faith Formation Ministry Positions.

Communication Committee Member

Members of the Communication Committee coordinate internal and external communications about the ministries of Gloria Dei.

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer shares the ministries of Gloria Dei by creating communications pieces using the media of typography, images, photographs and others for publications, promotional pieces, digital media and more.


Photographers and videographers utilize the media of film to capture and document the ministries of Gloria Dei, its members, and the community at large. The images captured by the photographers and videographers provide a visual communication tool for all outlets, as well as historical records for Gloria Dei’s mission and ministries.

Press Release Developer

A press release developer assembles the content and framing of information related to the ministries of Gloria Dei for distribution to media outlets, connecting the stories and events of Gloria Dei to the greater community to further reach new members and partners.


Proofreaders provide a critical eye to all print and social media aspects of Gloria Dei’s communication channels to ensure the accuracy, grammar, and content properly represent the ministries and members of Gloria Dei.

Publication Developer

Publication developers are responsible for the project management of Gloria Dei’s current catalog of publications—annual report, membership directory, etc.—as well as new publication tools. They coordinate the aspects of the publication from concept to execution.

Sound Engineer

See Worship Ministry Positions.

Technology Consultant

The technology consultant provides insight and direction to the Communications Committee related to changing and emerging technologies that can improve the reach and efficiencies of Gloria Dei’s communication channels.

Web Designer

Web designers are responsible for the content and structure of Gloria Dei’s website and website-related aspects. They connect the members, partners and community to the ministries of Gloria Dei by sharing the ever-evolving information, updates, mission, values, and events through this vital tool.

Facilities Ministry Positions

Facilities Committee Member

A Facilities Committee member works with the Facilities Committee to plan for maintenance, upkeep and future use of the Gloria Dei building and grounds.


Gardeners tend the gardens and landscaping on the grounds of Gloria Dei.

Faith Formation Ministry Positions

Adult Faith Formation

Adult Forum Planning Team Member

Gloria Dei’s Adult Forum Planning Team members work with others to plan speakers to lead and topics to be addressed in Sunday Morning Forum, keeping in mind the mission of Faith Formation at Gloria Dei: Faith Formation at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church strives to meet people where they are by providing sustained opportunities to discover connections between God’s story and their own stories within the context of various communities. Leaders are expected to have a variety of interests and often lead in a variety of ways.

3rd Chapter Planning Team Member

Gloria Dei’s 3rd Chapter Ministries Planning Team members work with others to plan events and ministries for people aged 55 and older, recognizing the unique spiritual, emotional and physical gifts and challenges of this age group, and keeping in mind the mission of Faith Formation at Gloria Dei: Faith Formation at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church strives to meet people where they are by providing sustained opportunities to discover connections between God’s story and their own stories within the context of various communities.

Children and Family Faith Formation

GAPP Co-Teacher

GAPP stands for “Grace And Promise People.” GAPP co-teachers have the awesome opportunity to offer their energy, abilities, knowledge, skills, and gifts to 5th and 6th graders. The teacher’s primary responsibility is to teach young people using a prepared lesson plan, which engages them in interactive and delightful learning activities. The goal of these lessons is to nurture knowledge, understanding, spiritual growth, and transformation in young people, and help them fall more deeply in love with God.

GAPP Small Group Leader

GAPP stands for “Grace And Promise People.” GAPP small group leaders have the awesome opportunity to develop personal trusted relationships with 5th and 6th graders. The small group leader’s responsibilities are to nurture friendships with and among young people, seek their spiritual growth, help them make a personal application of the lessons, help them see how God is active in their lives, and model an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Java with Junior Program Volunteer

Java with Junior (JwJ) program volunteers work with the program coordinator and the children’s ministry director to host events that provide a warm and friendly atmosphere for young and new families to network and build community within the church.

Preschool Sunday School Co-Teacher

The preschool Sunday school teacher’s primary responsibility is to create a safe, loving, warm, and engaging environment for preschoolers, and to teach stories of faith, songs of faith, and prayer.

Preschool Sunday School Assistant

The preschool Sunday School assistant’s primary responsibility is to create a safe, loving, warm, and engaging environment for preschoolers. Assistants also help with lessons and activities when requested by classroom teachers. Assistants make sure that each child feels he/she is an important part of the Gloria Dei community, helping them know and trust God and love Jesus.

Sunday Morning Song Leader

The Sunday morning song leader facilitates a welcoming and worshipful large group gathering for Sunday School kids in grades 1-4 from 9:30-9:45 AM, before they move to Water Tower rotations.

Vacation Bible School Crew Guide

The Vacation Bible School (VBS) crew guide is a friend and helper to a group of 6-8 children, called a “crew.” Children are divided into crews of approximately the same age level. Crew guides know each child in their crew by name and are there to engage and encourage each child. Guides also look out for children with allergies or special needs. This is a supervised position, open to youth in seventh grade or older.

Vacation Bible School Crew Manager

The Vacation Bible School (VBS) crew manager is responsible for the overall function and safety of his or her assigned “crew.” A crew is approximately 20 children plus 3 youth-aged crew guides for elementary, and 8-10 children and 1 youth-aged crew guide for preschool.

Vacation Bible School Teacher

Vacation Bible School (VBS) operates on a rotational model. Children visit five stations each day. Teachers are the leaders of each station. Teachers prepare a new lesson every day for the elementary or preschool children who attend VBS.
Vacation Bible School Teaching Assistant
The Vacation Bible School (VBS) teaching assistant’s primary responsibility is to help the VBS teacher with lessons and activities.

Water Tower Teacher

The Water Tower Sunday School program serves children in Grades 1-4. Teachers have the awesome opportunity to offer their energy, abilities, knowledge, skills, and gifts to children. The teacher’s primary responsibility is to teach children within their area of interest, nurturing knowledge, understanding, spiritual growth, and transformation in children, and helping them to fall more deeply in love with God. The Water Tower consists of a number of rooms, each used to offer a different learning experience during a rotation of 3-4 weeks. A teacher repeats the same experience in the same workshop during the weeks of a rotation, with adjustments made for age appropriateness. Each week a different age group or class experiences the workshop. It is the task of the teacher to be prepared for the lesson, to make sure the workshop is ready for the experience, and to teach the children.

Water Tower Guide

The Water Tower Sunday School program serves children in Grades 1-4. The Water Tower guide plays a very important role in the Water Tower program. Children travel to a different workshop and different teacher every week. Guides accompany the same group of children for an entire year, providing continuity and personal trusted relationships with the children.

Youth and Family Faith Formation

Confirmation Small Group Leader

Small group leaders meet with small groups of 4-8 students throughout the school year to nurture peer friendships, seek their spiritual growth, help them make personal application of the lessons, help them see how God is active in their lives, and model authentic relationships with Jesus Christ.

Confirmation Mentor

Adult mentors meet with one mentee from 9-10th grade for the purpose of fostering faith formation throughout the school year. Mentors commit to help the mentee nurture peer friendships, seek their spiritual growth, help them make personal application of the lessons, help them see how God is active in their lives, and model authentic relationships with Jesus Christ.

Youth Ministry Mission Trip Adult Leader

The youth mission trip adult leader serves as an adult guide for the week of the summer mission trip, leading teens in various friendship-strengthening activities that lead up to the trip, including fundraising, driving, Bible study, and conflict resolution.

Faith Formation for All Ages

Art Committee Member

Members of the Art Committee plan and support art exhibitions shown in the gallery on the lower level and elsewhere in the Gloria Dei building. Members may assist artists and co-chairs with exhibit installations and take-downs, and help host opening receptions and attend artist presentations. Committee members attend several meetings per year, and participate in art projects with congregation members (examples: Rally Sunday, Lenten activities), as appropriate.

Audio/Visual Support Team Member

Gloria Dei’s AV support team offers technical assistance to leaders in running PowerPoint presentations, connecting projectors to computers, etc.

Library Volunteer

Library volunteers staff the library on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, on a rotating basis. Volunteers greet patrons, assist with book selection, check books in and out, add items to the catalog, create labels and cards, shelve books and design topical book displays. Additional tasks include an annual collection review, and special projects. Volunteers meet as a group as needed, to discuss projects, plans and book purchases.

Finance Ministry Positions

Budget and Finance Committee Member

The budget and finance committee member provides oversight of the financial records and affairs of the congregation, reporting on the financial status to the Congregation Council on a regular basis.

Gifts, Grants and Memorials Committee Member

The Gifts, Grants and Memorials Committee members are decision makers for distribution of special funds (memorials, designated gifts, bequests) through grants in response to requests from ministry leaders; and review and implementation of guidelines for such distribution.

Investment Committee Member

An investment committee member serves as a member of the committee making investment decisions and investment policy recommendations for Gloria Dei Lutheran Church.

Music Ministry Positions

Alleluia! Choir Member

Alleluia! is a choir for children in kindergarten through second grade. Members sing and help lead worship at four or five Sunday morning worship services each season.


The cantor leads the congregation in the singing of psalms and other liturgical music and hymns.

Chancel Choir Member

The Chancel Choir is the principal adult choir at Gloria Dei. Chancel Choir members sing and help lead worship at one Sunday morning worship service each week and at major church festivals, and perform at special musical events.

Gift of Music Recital Team Member

The Gift of Music Team helps organize, promote, and host Gift of Music recitals and post-recital receptions.

Handbell Choir Member

The Handbell Choir provides special music at worship services one Sunday a month.

Matins Choir Member

Matins singers come together once a month to sing and help lead worship at the 8:15 a.m. Sunday worship service.

Schola Cantorum Choir Member

Schola Cantorum is a choir for children in grades three through six. Members sing and help lead worship at Sunday morning worship services at least once a month.

Special Musician

Members of Gloria Dei are encouraged to share their musical gifts by singing and/or playing musical instruments during worship services.

Youth Musician

Youth members of Gloria Dei in grades seven through twelve are encouraged to share their musical gifts by singing and/or playing musical instruments during worship services.

Outreach Ministry Positions

Diamond Jubliee Volunteer

The Diamond Jubilee is an annual celebration dinner and program, usually held in May or June and hosted by the congregation to honor members seventy-five years of age and older. Volunteers are needed to plan the menu, shop for groceries, prepare food, serve the meal, and clean up afterward. Servers are usually youth, working under adult supervision. Volunteers are also to provide transportation to guests who do not drive.

Interfaith Builders Habitat for Humanity Team Member

Volunteers serve with people from other St. Paul faith congregations during a designated summer week to help construct a Habitat for Humanity home. This ministry is coordinated by ISAIAH.

ISAIAH Team Member

ISAIAH Team members participate as representatives of Gloria Dei, along with members of other congregations involved with ISAIAH, in advocacy for racial, social, and economic justice.

Loaves and Fishes Team Member

Loaves and Fishes Team members prepare and/or serve an evening meal at the Dorothy Day Center once every other month (on the fourth Wednesday of even-numbered months) or as available.

Mass Food Distribution Volunteer

Mass food distribution volunteers serve as representatives of Gloria Dei, assisting with Neighborhood House’s distribution of fresh groceries to residents of Sibley Manor. Shifts are from late morning through mid-afternoon, approximately three times each summer.

Outreach Committee Member

The Outreach Committee coordinates Gloria Dei’s service and advocacy efforts in the broader community. Committee members lead and participate in one or more outreach and advocacy ministries.

Project Home Volunteer

Project Home volunteers offer hospitality to guests in Gloria Dei’s December homeless shelter, serving with either an evening or an overnight team.

Racial Justice Committee Member

The Racial Justice Committee works to advance dialogue within the congregation about white privilege and systemic racism. Members participate in regular committee meetings and sub-groups corresponding to their identified interests (e.g., education, internal engagement, external engagement).

Sanctuary Support Volunteer

In March, 2017, Gloria Dei declared itself to be a sanctuary-supporting congregation, committing to offer supporting services to other congregations hosting undocumented immigrants in sanctuary. Volunteers may be called upon to help meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of guests in sanctuary, offering professional skills (e.g., legal, medical, dental, educational), providing food, clothing, financial resources, and companionship, in collaboration with the hosting congregation.

Shared Ministry Position

Shared Ministry Committee Member

Shared Ministry Committee members help to develop and maintain programs that invite, encourage, and support the gifts and participation of all Gloria Dei members in the mission of the congregation.

Stewardship Ministry Positions

Stewardship Committee Member

A Stewardship Committee member helps plan and execute the fundraising efforts at Gloria Dei.

Worship Ministry Positions


Acolytes assist in worship with various tasks to aid the liturgy and help worship flow smoothly.

Altar Service Volunteer

Altar service volunteers make certain the altar, choir, and baptismal font areas are clean and prepared for use in worship; dress the altar, the pulpit, and the lectern in paraments appropriate to the liturgical season; set up for communion and clean communion ware after services of Holy Communion; and launder communion linens, as needed.

Assisting Minister

The Assisting Minister aids in leading worship at Gloria Dei, says the prayers, and serves wine at Holy Communion.

Bread Baker

Volunteers help bake the communion bread served in worship.

Children’s Worship Materials Provider

The children’s worship materials provider prepares and maintains the children’s worship bags by sorting, cleaning, and restocking contents, including keeping books and materials both age- and seasonally appropriate. The provider makes certain that children’s bibles are in the pew racks and that ribbon sheets are available for marking pages in bibles and hymnals.

Communion Assistant

Communion assistants distribute bread, wine, or grape juice at Holy Communion during worship at Gloria Dei.


Greeters arrive early for worship services, greet people as they arrive, and help visitors find their way to the sanctuary.


Lectors read lessons from the Old and New Testament in worship at Sunday morning worship services and on other occasions.


Sacristans assist with the logistics of worship services and provide guidance for acolytes.

Sanctuary Servant

The sanctuary servant cleans and tidies the sanctuary during the week in preparation for Sunday morning worship services.

Sound Engineer

Sound engineers operate the sound system for worship services in the sanctuary.


Ushers welcome people to worship, collect and secure offerings, direct the flow of participants in Holy Communion, and help worship to function smoothly and gracefully.

Visual Design Team Member

Visual Design Team members oversee the decoration and appointment of the sanctuary for worship; plan and implement seasonal decorations, including flowers for Easter and flowers and trees for Christmas; and manage the visual design portion of the worship budget. Members should have a mix of creative and practical skills related to art and design. The team meets as needed with the Worship Committee, staff, or the Art Committee.

Worship Committee Member

Worship Committee members support the congregation’s worship life by attending committee meetings to coordinate worship services and seasonal observances. This includes overseeing recruitment, training and support of all worship assistants, including readers, communion assistants, ushers, altar guild, and acolytes.

Worship Volunteer Scheduler

The worship volunteer scheduler manages the online system that prepares schedules for worship volunteers (ushers, communion assistants, lectors, etc.).

For all Ministries with Children, Youth, and Vulnerable Adults

Gloria Dei takes seriously our work with vulnerable adults, youth and children. All volunteers who serve through our ministries are required to complete a background check and take an online training, as described in our Ministry Volunteer Handbook and church policies.

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