Gloria Dei hosts Saint Paul synod conference on Racial Justice

On March 3 & 4, 2018, the Racial Justice Committee at Gloria Dei hosted a Saint Paul synod conference, Undoing Racism: Addressing the Predicament – Seeing Brokenness, Seeking Healing, Transforming Communities for leadership teams from 8-10 metro-wide faith communities.  This conference was presented by ASDIC Metamorphosis, with resources provided by its co-founder, Okogyeamon (Herbert A. Perkins, PhD, MDiv), who spoke at our Adult Forums on March 5 and 12, 2017.

I was one of the eight GDLC “official” conference participants and we were blessed with a group of nine GDLC volunteers, who made the 2-day event run smoothly for all.  Included in the larger group were representatives from a Buddhist temple, an Islamic mosque, and Unitarian, United Church of Christ, Methodist and Lutheran churches.  The majority of those in attendance at this conference, including me, were of European-American ethnicity.  Many of us Euro-Americans also share, consciously or unconsciously, the benefits of white privilege in our racialized American culture.

For me, the most useful or helpful part of the workshop was the holistic experience of being with others from different and similar faith traditions all together at the same time. Sharing with so many others who have a passion to work towards racial justice in the Twin Cities  was amazing!  There was so much wonderful strength in that!  The readings we were given and the discussions that were held all contributed to my knowledge and self-awareness.

Gloria Dei is ready to acknowledge and better understand racism and our white privilege.  We want to increase our shared knowledge and understanding of actions that privileged individuals and groups can take in their daily lives to weaken unjust systems of advantage or discrimination.   Our willingness to be vulnerable, humble and open to learning, listening and doing is invaluable.  By working together, WE can make changes!

With faith, hope and love,

Stephanie Allyn