South2-2“Now you let your servant go in peace….”

People of God know we are created in the image of God and born in physical bodies that will one day die. While we mourn the loss of those whom we love, we also trust that death is a normal part of creation, and that no matter when it comes, our death ushers us into eternal union with God.

Whenever possible, it is beneficial for each person to plan his or her own funeral service. The church has materials available to help you indicate your plans or consider ways you’d like to be remembered. This can be done at any age, whether or not you are sick or expecting to die soon. The church office can keep your plans on file, and you can edit or update them at any time. You can email our pastors or the church office.

If a loved one is dying, we encourage you to let the church know so we can provide pastoral care for both the one who is dying and for their loved ones. Call the church office, 651-699-1378, at the time of death, too, especially if you hope to plan a funeral or memorial service at Gloria Dei. A pastor will contact you to begin to make arrangements.

Whether or not you require our help in planning a funeral service, we encourage you to let us know so that we can support and pray for you when you are grieving.

“Here on earth we have no abiding city but we seek one that is to come.”