What we Believe About Communion

"This is Christ's table. It is a table of love and welcome. It is a table of fellowship with the poor; it is a table of communion with the earth. So, come those of you have great faith and those of you who wish you had more. Come those of you who have tried to follow Jesus and those of you who have failed. Come those of you who depend on this meal for your life and those of you for whom it is a strange thing. These are the gifts of God for the people of God.“ This invitation to the table, often spoken as we prepare to receive communion, reveals much about who we are, what we believe, and how we celebrate Holy Communion.

At Gloria Dei, we celebrate Holy Communion weekly and invite everyone, without exception, to receive the bread and wine. It is one of the few places in our world where nobody is turned away, and where everyone who comes with hands outstretched receives the same amount. Our celebration of Holy Communion is shaped by our conviction that God’s abundant love is an unconditional gift and extends to all. As we continue through the COVID-19 pandemic, we celebrate Holy Communion at in-person worship in our Sanctuary or from our own homes during online worship. These instructions help you prepare for communion at home. For more information about virtual communion, read Pastor Bradley's message from Holy Week 2020.

In keeping with our Lutheran tradition, we believe Christ is truly present “in, with, and under” the bread and wine. God sees our hunger for more than bread and fills us with abundant life. When we receive Holy Communion—when we eat the bread and drink the wine—we are nourished with Christ’s presence, which strengthens us in love and service to our neighbor.

Prepare for Your Child's First Communion

Gloria Dei welcomes children to the table of Holy Communion. We believe there is no predetermined age when children understand what it means to participate in Holy Communion. When young children ask to participate, the Holy Spirit is at work drawing them into the body of Christ.

To help you and your child be ready for this important step in their faith journey, we offer an engaging, interactive, and age-appropriate instruction for children and their families twice a year. Register online for an upcoming communion class.