What we believe about baptism

Baptism initiates us into a lifelong relationship with a God who loves us unconditionally. We are washed in the promise that nothing can ever separate us from God, and sealed with the power of the Spirit.

Lutheran Christians practice infant baptism. We remember that God does not require a mature or intelligent faith before claiming us. God opens wide the door and pours out faith upon us regardless of how qualified or prepared we are. Just as newborn children are always loved and included in the family, God welcomes us from the start.

Baptism promises us forgiveness and life. In the Bible, God uses water to create, to heal, to rescue those who are in trouble, to cleanse, to satisfy those who are thirsty for compassion and community. No matter how broken or disappointing our life may be, baptism assures us that God will never abandon us. Even when we die, God does not let go. We are God’s children forever.

Scheduling a baptism at Gloria Dei

We ask all parents (members and non-members) to first attend a Baptism Orientation Workshop before their child is baptized. We hold workshops about every two months, now on Zoom, and parents are welcome to attend before or after the birth of their child. If you have any questions, please contact Children's Ministry Director Kyrstin Schwartz.

Register for an online workshop. Contact the church office to schedule the baptism.