What’s behind the closed door? by Mary Jo Hallberg

You walk past the closed door every time you enter Gloria Dei via the parking lot.  Ever wonder what’s behind that closed door?

Pastor Ann Bergstrom did and spoke of the closed door in a recent sermon:

You see, with God, there is always something quietly, often invisibly, going on.

There’s a closet door at our church that has always been shut when I’ve walked by.  I’ve never really known what was behind that door.  But two weeks ago I walked through that door as a volunteer into a re-purposed closet to pack food for Gloria Dei’s Weekend Backpack Program destined for the Highland Park Elementary School.

I joined three other retired people: a schoolteacher, an oncologist, and a hospice physician.  And the four of us packed bags of food for an hour.

2 puddings. 2 juice things. 2 granola bars. Hummus. Crackers and cheese. And a small can of macaroni and beef.

101 times.

101 bags.

The Gloria Dei Weekend Backpack Program begins our fourth year of serving Highland Park Elementary students this fall.  Please consider participating in this important outreach program.

  • Donate during the second offering in September or on the GD website
  • Volunteer to pack bags with a group or your family
  • Volunteer to set up on Sunday for Sunday School when children pack
  • Deliver and Distribute bags at HPE on Friday mornings (occasional   Thursdays and Wednesdays)
  • Stock shelves when food is delivered (first Monday of the month)

For more information, click here or contact Mary Jo Hallberg  or Pastor Javen.

So, that’s what’s behind that closed door!?