“What Does This Mean” Wraps Up Fall Series 

“I think the best part was discovering that I’m not a heretic.” 

The first seven weeks of our Wednesday night classes, “What Does This Mean,” gave over forty adults the chance to hear from theologians and each other about how to have a relevant and meaningful faith in the modern world.

We discovered that questions have always been a part of an active, vibrant faith, and that there are broad ways of understanding the truth of scripture and church doctrine. We wrestled with ideas of myth versus fact, and how both can inform our spirituality. We listened to each other’s thoughts and doubts and realized that we weren’t the only ones who wondered how everything we learn in church can make sense.

Using video tapes of theologians who explored the meaning and use of scripture, each night centered on themes of what it means to read the bible critically and accept its teachings as seriously valid, even when not literally factual.  Pastors Bradley, Javen, and Lois guided our lively discussions.

While we had areas of agreement and disagreement in our discussions, we appreciated the reminder that in Christ we are free to be honest and open in our beliefs.  The nature of God is radically inclusive and allows us to wonder and grow, knowing we are saved by God’s love for us regardless of our questions or differing ideas.

The next round of our discussions will begin on Wednesday night, January 30.  We hope you’ll be with us.