Welcome to our new Parish Nurse

We welcome Jill Stewart as our new parish nurse. A lifelong member of Gloria Dei, Jill is retiring this spring as a school nurse at Northeast Metro 916. Jill began her ministry with us on June 1. We asked Jill a few questions as a way to introduce her to the congregation.

What intrigues you about the Parish Nurse position?
I like that Parish Nursing is about nursing people’s spiritual needs across the lifespan. It expands caring for people to how they can use faith practices to heal and grow.

What is your professional background?
I started working as a Registered Nurse at St. Paul-Ramsey Medical Center (now Regions). I worked in the neurology unit and enjoyed working in a teaching hospital with a real spirit of service to the community. I learned a lot from the other students, doctors, nurses, and clients. When the hospital started providing home health care, I moved into Public Health work. I met people from all sorts of backgrounds and began to understand the true impact socioeconomic differences can have on health outcomes. I moved on to School Nursing. It was a great fit and I stayed with the same district for 30 years. Now I am retiring from School Nursing and am excited to practice in a field that will draw from everything I have done in the past.

How do you think your background and life experiences will help you in this new ministry?
I think Nursing has been great for meeting people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures. I have learned a lot about life over the years from all of the people I have worked with, and I know this church community, too.

What is one thing (hobby, experience, whatever) you would like to share that few people know about you?
I love to read and travel. I am laughably inept at most sports, but I enjoy hiking, riding my bike, kayaking, and walking with my dog Abby.