Web Policies & Privacy


Gloria Dei Lutheran Church values the trust and the relationship it has built with members and friends. It is the policy of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church to respect and protect the privacy of its Website visitors.

  • Gloria Dei Lutheran Church’s Website employs the use of “session cookies.”  A “session cookie” is a text-file a web server places on a user’s computer hard drive only at the beginning and end of each session.  Our cookies DO NOT collect personally identifiable information.
  • If you provide Gloria Dei Lutheran Church with personal information in an e-mail message, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church will use this information to respond to your request.
  • Gloria Dei Lutheran Church does not rent, sell, or share any information it collects with any third party.


  • Links to other Websites are provided on the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Website as a convenience to the user and do not constitute an endorsement.
  • Gloria Dei Lutheran Church is NOT responsible for the content or privacy practices of other Websites.


The Gloria Dei Lutheran Church Website is provided by Gloria Dei as an informational service. Although the site’s information is accessible to anyone, Gloria Dei retains copyrights and licenses on all text, graphic images, layout and arrangement.  Therefore, you may not (1) Distribute any of the contents (text or graphics) of this site without the express written permission of  Gloria Dei; (2) Include the information on your own server or in your own documents without Gloria Dei’s permission; (3) Modify or re-use the text or graphics located on Gloria Dei’s Website.

  • You may print copies of the information for your own personal use or store files on your own computer for your personal use only.
  • Information on this site may be copied and used (by members of Gloria Dei) in furthering the mission and ministries of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church.
  • Gloria Dei reserves all other rights. For permission to utilize copyrighted information on this Website, you may contact Gloria Dei via email at Gloria Dei Webmaster.
  • Information may be changed or updated without notice.

Updated and approved by the Congregation Council March 19, 2013

The Internet provides a wonderful means of communication for the purpose of sharing information about Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, its mission and ministries with members both current and prospective.

PAGE DEVELOPMENT: Authoring or editing any design/content on the Gloria Dei Website is limited to the webmaster(s), authorized/trained church staff, and others deemed necessary by the Communications Committee.


  • Authors/editors of the Website are accountable for all content and format/design guidelines being followed.
  • The Congregation Council will have final authority for issues related to content/privacy policies.



  • All subject matter on the Gloria Dei Website (and links to other Websites) must relate to Gloria Dei, its ministries and its mission.
  • All content/text on the Website shall be free of any spelling or grammatical errors. Documents may not contain objectionable material or point directly to (i.e., via hyperlinks to other Websites) objectionable material as defined by the Congregation Council.  Any links must work and be updated as necessary.


MEMBER SAFEGUARDS for sections of the website which are not password protected:

These guidelines for publishing pages and photos on the Gloria Dei site have been established because of the undefined and worldwide nature of the Internet audience and an interest in protecting our membership.

  • The site will NOT include any names of minors under the age of 18.
  • A congregation member’s name or contact information may appear on the site unless the church is given written and dated instructions not to publish the member’s name. Contact information is limited to e-mail address. Home addresses will NOT be published.
  • Pictures of individuals (youth or adult) may be published on the site without written permission. However, pictures will NOT include, nor bear, a label / photo ID/ file name/ metadata using (in full / in part) the persons / peoples’ name(s).

TECHNICAL STANDARDS: In the interest of maintaining a consistent identity/branding, professional appearance, and ease of use and maintenance, publication/technical standards will be followed. For more information, contact the Gloria Dei Webmaster at 651.699.1378 with questions.