Thank you from Bishop Lull and the ELCA

In each of the past three years, Gloria Dei has been able, through generous contributions from our members to end the year with more income than expenses.  In each of these years, we have celebrated by sending the St Paul Area Synod 10% of the extra income.  At the end of 2018, we designated $4,257 as an extra gift to the Synod.  This was sent in January.  Here is the response we received from Bishop Patricia Lull:

Dear Friends in Christ,

I was so surprised and grateful when I received news that Gloria Dei would be sending an additional $4,200 to support the work of the synod.  Your tithe of God’s abundance at year’s end will allow us to extend our common work even further.  These joys are wonderful treasures in my ministry among you.

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Patricia Lull