Sunday Forums – September, 2018

Forum meets on Sundays in Fellowship Hall on the Lower Level, 9:30 – 10:30 a.m.  All are welcome.  

Fall, 2018  Rooted in Generosity:

God creates, gathers, renews and cares for the whole universe, and calls each one of us to be generous in our lives. Join us at Sunday Forum, beginning September 9 at 9:30 a.m., as we begin a year of growing in faith together, celebrating God’s generosity toward us, and reflecting on our own opportunities to give to others.

9/9/18  Rally Sunday– Rooted in Generosity

Fairbanks Mission Trip  Reflecting on their recent mission trip to Fairbanks, Alaska, our intergenerational team will share pictures, stories, and memories of how God’s generosity opened them to new friendships, wonder and gratitude. They’ll also share their new appreciation for power tools and moose!

Sharing Perspectives and Dreams for Children’s Ministry (Additional Gathering on 9/9.) Those interested in reflecting on the job description for the Director of Faith Formation for Children and Families are invited to meet with our faith formation team and Pastor Bradley in Room 100. If you wish, use this link to provide feedback on and suggestions for Gloria Dei’s children’s ministry.

9/16/18 Rooted in GenerosityGlimpsing Resurrection: Cancer, Trauma and Ministry – Deanna Thompson  In her newest book, Deanna “resurrects Christian traditions.. and brings to life the space in which we can live with the honesty of suffering, lament, solitude and community (Monica A. Coleman).”  Reflecting courageously on the trauma she faced when diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, and drawing on her expertise as a biblical scholar, Deanna describes ways the church can respond to those whose lives are undone by illness. Deanna, a member of Gloria Dei, teaches religion at Hamline University. Copies of her book will be available for sale.  (Please note:  Bishop Herb Chilstrom is unable to be with us as planned, as he is recovering from illness.)

9/23/18  Rooted in Generosity–Biblical Witness  God’s generosity is described throughout Scripture.  God’s generosity is depicted especially in the acts of creation and throughout the salvation story.  But God also creates us in the image of generous love, and calls us to be generous, too.  Read the Bible with us and be touched again by divine generosity.

9/30/18  Rooted in Generosity:  Celebration of Children’s Ministry and the Ministry of Deacon Pat Derry  Join us as we celebrate the gifts and work of Deacon Pat Derry. Pat is retiring from her position as director for Faith Formation for Children and Families.  We will thank her for her ministry among us, and thank God for the generous gift of her spirit and work.

10/7/18  Rooted in Generosity — Chancel Renovation   Mike Kruger and members of the Chancel Renovation team will share their proposals and ideas as we reimagine the design of Gloria Dei’s chancel and organ. 70 years ago, a generation generously offered their resources so that future generations could worship in grace and beauty.  Can we imagine how to provide space for the next 70 years?

10/14/18  Rooted in Generosity–Pastor Javen’s Trip to Kenya  — In July, Pastor Javen went on a mission trip with members of Edina Morningside Community Church (where his husband Oby serves as pastor) to Daylight School in rural Kenya. Along with trip leader Allison Raney, Pastor Javen will share more about the trip, talk about the history and mission of Daylight School, and reflect on the lessons be learned in Kenya.

10/21/18  Jon Solinger Photography: Working Land.  Photographer Jon Solinger created his collection Working Land, as a travelling exhibit and photo book about people’s deep connections to rural places through their work in his Otter Tail County neighborhood. The photographs unearth meaning behind rural landscapes and explore how human labor transforms the land, and in turn, the land shapes the life of the worker. The exhibit helps us understand how our workplaces reveal who we are. It is on display in Gloria Dei’s Gallery from September 7.

10/28/18   Housing Justice Center (HJC), a nonprofit public interest advocacy and legal organization, works to preserve and expand affordable housing for low income individuals and families. Since 1999, HJC’s primary mission has worked to prevent the loss of affordable rental housing by conversion to market rate, demolition, foreclosure, and other causes. HJC also seeks to foster expanded affordable housing opportunities.  As Gloria Dei prepares for another year of serving our neighbors at Project Home, come to hear about the causes of homelessness and how we can respond.

11/4/18 Healing of Memories, Every Story Needs A Listener.  We are not only the product of our own experiences but also that of our nation and family history. How do we create memories, are they all “real”?  What is the difference between forgetting and healing? What does it mean to heal? Gloria Dei’s 3rd Chapter Ministry (focusing on Spirituality as We Age) welcomes Sheila Laughton for our forum on All Saints Day.  Sheila has been facilitating Healing of Memories workshops since 2009 in AZ and MN, working with people who have experienced trauma. With 25 years of military experience, she has earned her MA in Theology and MS in Counseling.  Sheila serves as a Spiritual Director and counselor at Loyola Spirituality Center.