Seekers and Skeptics by Robin Cerio

Robin Cerio

I often feel like I don’t know enough of the Bible, or am not devout enough for Bible Study and other church offerings, despite being raised on a consistent diet of church and Sunday school, along with five years of confirmation classes. My faith today tends to veer between wanting concrete explanations of biblical stories to being comfortable resting in the mystery of those same stories. This back and forth means I often have many questions I don’t feel comfortable asking in a traditional environment.

When I saw the announcement last fall for the Seekers and Skeptics group, I was immediately intrigued. For those who are unfamiliar, Seekers and Skeptics meets Wednesday nights during the same time as Confirmation classes. This timing is on purpose, because the group is sort of like Confirmation class for adults. We discuss the same topics as the confirmation groups, but these topics may be ones we haven’t discussed or thought about since our own time in confirmation class.

I was hesitant, but I went to the first meeting of the group and it was wonderful! We start by sitting with the larger confirmation group and together listen to the pastors discuss the topic of the evening. Then, when the confirmation groups separate, we move to the front and start our discussion with the pastors.

As we tackle the material for the week, differing backgrounds and points of view within our group lead to a greater and deeper understanding of the topic. When we struggle, or don’t understand, we work through it together. Our discussions are rooted in our faith, and the pastors help keep us on track. I love that there is no pressure to participate in the discussions; you can participate in a way that is comfortable for you.

I learn so much at Seekers and Skeptics; I come away from our time together with new perspectives to familiar topics and new ways to apply my faith to daily life.