“Rooted in Generosity” Update

from Larry Nelson, Stewardship Committee Chair

Thank you to all of you who have made a pledge or given us an estimate of giving for 2019’s operating and capital funds.  As of this writing, we are almost where we need to be to continue to grow Gloria Dei’s mission and presence in Saint Paul and the rest of the world.  As I said at the Stewardship Celebration Breakfast, thank you, thank you all for your generosity to Gloria Dei and through us to a world that desperately needs to see and hear the abundant good news of a Gospel centered in grace.  We’ve had a very generous response and we just need to finish as well as we have done so far.   We currently have 289 pledges/giving estimates to the operating fund for $786,000 and 225 for the capital fund for $276,000.  We need a few additional giving estimates or pledges in each fund to match last year’s generous totals, and a few more to move us into new territory.

If you are one of the few folks who haven’t yet turned in that pledge or estimate, there’s still time.  You can call the church office (651-699-1378) or fill out the on-line form here.

Thank you – Each response helps our church council in their job of creating an accurate and responsible budget for the coming year.

A Special Note for Those Who Haven’t Ever Made a Pledge (adapted from my Temple Talk)

What do you hear when you think about “Rooted in Generosity – Sharing our resources and our building”?  How does that translate into your unique circumstances as you ponder your commitment to Gloria Dei’s mission and its building?  What is God calling from you and your resources for God’s work in this place?

I don’t presume to know what “Rooted in Generosity” means for each of you with regard to Gloria Dei’s operating and capital budgets, but I guarantee that generosity can create a lightness of step, an open hand versus a clenched fist, a sparkle in your eye, an unburdening of the weight of the world, and joy in your soul, as you will come to know that your finances have had their part in making Gloria Dei what it is.

Can you step out in a bold experiment to take some of your finances and add them to the generous gifts of others in this place?