Rooted in Generosity: sharing our resources and our building

One of our guiding principles for the next several years is that Gloria Dei will be Rooted in Generosity: sharing our resources and our building. Making a pledge is like planting a spring bulb. We dig deep, plant with generosity, and daffodil grows into a beautiful garden in 2019.

Join us in this joyful work of investing our resources in Christ’s church. Likely, generosity will look different for all of us. What’s the next step for you?

  • Making a pledge for the first time?
  • Increasing your giving by 5, 10, or 50 percent?
  • Praying for the work of the church, week in and week out?
  • Adding a gift for capital?

This year, we’re asking all of you to grow in your giving to both the operating fund and the capital fund. Last year, we didn’t need an increase for the building. This year, we do. The capital fund pays our mortgage, provides building space to scores of outside groups that do important ministry work, and allows us to continue catching up on deferred maintenance projects.

The mystery and wonder of God’s reign is that no matter what we pledge, God will take that offer, add a bit of grace, and turn a simple pledge of money into a harvest of mission that is twenty, fifty, even one-hundred fold of what we imagined. Generosity, when practiced, grows exponentially. It’s as much of a miracle as a daffodil blooming after the hard Minnesota winter. It simply takes your breath away.

Thank you for your loving and GENEROUS consideration of this pledge. And thank you for being one of our roots, connected to grace, and growing into yet another glorious harvest. I can hardly wait to see what will come up!

Submit your pledge online.