Room 99 Project Update – June 2021

Since the Gloria Dei congregational vote to approve the modification of Room 99, an underused classroom, to add shower and clothes washing facilities and upgrade the current kitchenette, the Immigrant Justice Team has been busy. Here’s a recap of our activities this past month, as well as the projected timeline.


– We’ve met with representatives from other sanctuary congregations about their processes and procedures. Out of these conversations, we’ve begun to identify volunteer roles and draft a volunteer handbook.

– We have detailed measurements of the space and are in the process of finalizing the design and layout of the apartment. We are grateful for those of you who have already offered furnishings for the apartment. Please allow time as we create a list of items needed to furnish and equip the space. We will publish that list in the coming weeks and welcome donations at that time.

– We’re planning a fundraiser styled as a shower with registry to help furnish and equip the space for guests.

– We’re planning education opportunities for the congregation: to learn more about immigrant needs and ways they are changing as government policy and pandemic conditions evolve; and  to explain Gloria Dei’s policies and plans for hosting immigrants in our church as that time approaches.


We’ll share monthly updates here, on the Gloria Dei website, throughout the renovation process.

In September, we’ll hold a fundraiser/shower—watch for details on how you can participate!

In October, construction begins when the Rise, O Church construction starts.

Once the renovation is complete, we’ll have a service of blessing and a celebration.

Our goal is to be ready to house guests by the end of the year.

As we return to in-person activities, we would love for more members to get involved in this ministry of hospitality. If you’re interested, please contact Lenore Franzen or Claire Hoyum.