#QuarantineLife for Teens ~ New Opportunity

Dear Church Family,

Almost as soon as everyone dutifully followed the governor’s orders to stay at home if possible, beginning the week of March 15, I noticed two things:

1) Every professional ministry worker around the country suddenly felt a screaming urgency to download every available video conferencing software and do ALL THE THINGS – in such haste! By the second day of everyone demanding everyone else learn so much new tech, my arms were cramping up from having to constantly be on my phone. No fun!

2) It was teens who already had health training who were resisting so much screen time, saying, hey, wait a minute just a few weeks ago adults were telling us to limit screen time and now that seems like it’s all there is!

Even youth ministry virtual networks that I’ve been a part of for a few decades, youth directors were lamenting the sudden barrage of pressure to “zoom” every meeting and create more content and produce more work for ourselves as we adjusted to this new #QuarantineLife

We will have plenty of time to find a proper balance with our on-screen and off-screen life.

For now, when folks ask me about how our teens are, and what they are up to, I’d like to offer this. For those who would like to receive a special (not-so) secret mission, I’m offering “You’ve been mugged!*” and “Operation Snail Mail.”

I hope you’ll take a look.

Click here to read the mission document!

*Special note about “You’ve Been Mugged” – MN released a stay at home order shortly after we sent this out; you can still prepare mugs at home during this time and deliver them in April, assuming the Governor gives that direction then.

Your friend,

Katie LeClair

Director of Youth & Family Faith Formation