Preserving a piece of Gloria Dei History

by Audrey Johnson

Have you noticed something missing from the Gathering Place?  The old display turn-style that has held photographs of Gloria Dei’s Confirmation classes has been replaced.  Look for them in the two blue photo albums located on the Library Table.  This project was tackled by one of Gloria Dei’s long time members, Beverly Mayer who joined Gloria Dei in 1963.  She can also be found in the office several days a week answering phones, helping with bulletins, and other various tasks.  I spoke with Beverly about this project that she has recently finished.

Q: When did the idea come up to remove the old turn-style?

A: The project was planned over a year ago but we never got around to it until this spring.  Jeanne Hanson, Gloria Dei’s Administrator asked me to take on the project since I have done scrapbooking before.

Q: What steps were taken to get the pictures off the turn-style and into the books?

A: “That’s a good question. We started taking them off, but some of them were starting to tear.  I tried cutting them out, and finally we separated each board from the turn style. Photos were taken of each class and special scrapbooking adhesive used.

Q: How did you know the names of the people in the pictures? Where was that information from?

A: We keep several books that include baptisms, marriages, deaths and also confirmations.  All of this information has been handwritten in these journals over the years and Jeanne transcribed them for each class photo.

Q: How long did the project take you?

A: The entire project took about 2 weeks.  Once I got on a roll, the project went very quickly.

Q: Are you, your children, or your grandchildren in the books? Any other relatives?

A: My children – Rene Cummings Scearcy and Todd Cummings, Lauren Cummings and Alec is due to be confirmed next year.  No other relatives but I have six High School classmates pictured in the year 1947.  I am not pictured as I went to Redeemer Lutheran and was not yet a member of Gloria Dei.

Q: Was there a certain type of adhesive you used to make sure the books will last into the future?

A: Jeanne provided materials designed for scrapbooking including special corner pieces with adhesive to ensure the photos would stay in place.

Q:What do you think members will think or feel about the new books?

A: Personally, I think they will be delighted.  Placing them on the Library Table in the Gathering Place makes them accessible to everyone and preserves an important piece of Gloria Dei history.

Thank you Beverly for helping on this project!  Feel free to check out her handiwork any time.  You can find the photo albums on the Library Table in the Gathering Space.