Pastor Bradley’s Letter to our 2020 Confirmands

Dear Confirmands,

So many good things have been postponed or cancelled. I know many of you have missed special classes, tournaments, clubs, and time with your friends. This time of confirmation instruction isn’t turning out like we planned, either. Confirmation Sunday is always a grand celebration that you are entering the life of faith as a more mature, wiser—more adult—member of Gloria Dei. The good news is that we will have a confirmation Sunday, and your family and mentors will gather around you and call for the Holy Spirit to come into you in a new way. I look forward to that.

In the meantime, know that your work of exploring who God is and who you are will serve you for this strange time. What might God be saying to you in all these changes? In a time of interruption, do you see the goodness of God emerging around you in surprising ways? Having the cancellation of all our activities gives us time, something most of us don’t feel like we have enough of. Use some of your free time to sit still. Notice the quiet. Notice your breath. Talk to Jesus. Notice that God’s love is all around you. In fact, it’s within you. There will be times in your lives when things don’t go as planned. Know that God in Christ is always part of the journey, opening up new doors, urging you to look at some new thing, inviting you to try something different. Maybe this is a time like that.

We’ll celebrate your affirmation of baptism in the fall. It will be good. The church will rejoice that you come up and stand in God’s grace. In the meantime, hang on. Be at peace. And if you need to talk or just sit quietly on the phone with any of us, call! We’re here for you.


Pastor Bradley