New Staff Member Spotlight – Chef Jessica Hauer

Fun Facts about new staff member Chef Jessica

When did you join GDLC as a member? We started our journey as visitors in 2012 and became member in 2013

Who is in your family? I am married to Steve and we have 3 kids. Kaylee (13), Kristianna (11) and Briannah (almost 2)

What is a favorite cooking memory of your childhood? Is there someone who taught you to bake/cook? I remember making my own cake (from a box) for my 8th birthday. That was the one and only thing I made growing up. After moving on my own, I couldn’t cook at all. I burned everything and the microwave was my best friend. I started to experiment with food and baking in 2010 and it TURNED OUT DELICIOUS!!

Where do you get your menu ideas? My children love to give their input. Also I love challenges from others when baking desserts. So when I’m given two items to try to marry into a master piece gets me excited for baking. Some turn out and some don’t. My favorite cupcake was beer and bacon cupcake ?

What tips do you have for aspiring chefs? Cooking is a trial and error process. All recipes can be adjusted or tweaked to your flavor palette.

What are three things you enjoy about our Wed night suppers? 1) friendly atmosphere 2) making desserts for others and it’s not left at my house so I don’t indulge in too much 3) fast pace

What do you like to do on a day off? Spending time with my family, camping, gardening, canning, baking and experimenting with new recipes.

Welcome, Jessica!