Health & Wellness Classes


Gloria Dei has a strong commitment to Healing in Body, Mind, and Spirit. The many programs and classes offered have that mission as a goal. Contact Parish Nurse Jill Stewart for information (651-699-1378, ext. 3031). or by email.

– Growing Stronger: Weekly on Mondays and Wednesdays, 9 – 10 a.m.

– Walking Club: During the spring and summer.

– Yoga Devotion: During the program year.

Winter Wellness Challenge: During Epiphany.

Health and Wellness Classes

Monday & Wednesday, 9-10 a.m.

Meets in the Gloria Dei Gathering Place.

We use light hand weights (provided), movement and stretching. All fitness levels are welcome and exercises can be modified as needed. Bring a yoga mat or use one of ours. No cost to attend. Feel free to join any time. Contact Parish Nurse Jill Stewart for more information.

During the Program Year

A Yoga Flow class created by ELCA Pastor Cindy Senarighi. Some call it a time of prayer, some a time of worship, some a time to simply be present to God in a new way in the midst of busy lives. Contact Parish Nurse Jill Stewart to register. Learn more online.
Typically meets Thursdays at 6 p.m., fall through spring, in the Gloria Dei Gathering Place.

Classes begin in the breath, centering ourselves in the Presence of God, setting aside all that distracts us from the relationship God intents for us.

The body of the class is a combination of standing poses, balance poses and floor poses.

The class closes with restorative yoga, a practice of calm alertness that allows a time of reflection and thanksgiving for God’s Presence in our lives. The faith based language you will hear in class is familiar, the benediction, invocation and prayer that closes the class.


Spring & Summer

During the spring/summer months, we meet in the parking lot on the Highland Parkway side of the church weekly to walk together. We walk together for a while, everyone at their own pace. There is no sign up, and no charge. If it is extremely hot or raining, we won’t walk. Join us if you can, or walk on your own and send your weekly miles or steps to Parish Nurse Jill Stewart or contact her for more information.