Mental Health Minute: Be Still Amid the Advent Chaos

by Gloria Dei and Mental Health Ministry member Ellen Whitted

Shopping lists, over extended schedules, mall parking lots that are filled with impatient shoppers, one more holiday card to send, grocery shopping… be still.

An added commitment because you forgot about the school band concert, shoveling snow, buying the last Christmas tree in the lot, choir practice, sports events… be still.

Putting up tangled holiday lights, texting family to find out how to make that “one” cookie that you have to have for the last-minute cookie exchange at work, reading the paper due in an hour for one of my daughters, laundry, balancing bills against the purchasing of gifts… be still.

Church services, decorating the house, picking up the Christmas tree and broken ornaments because the cat knocked it down, washing dishes, volunteering for Project Home … be still.

The Advent season is the one moment that I need to remind myself to be still. Be still long enough to let my mind quiet as I listen to Mary’s lullaby and wonder what it was like for the little baby whose bed was straw. Be still long enough to let my body relax and listen to a book without worrying about the list of things that needs to be done. Be still long enough for my heart to rejoice and be filled with sounds of the children’s choir telling me that my Lord comes to me. Be still long enough for my soul to sigh with relief knowing that in my stillness he will come… he will come.