Guatemala Church sends letter to Gloria Dei

Gloria Dei received this letter from Rev. Karen Castillo, President of ILAG asking for our prayers and to celebrate La Resurreccion’s 25th Anniversary on Sunday July 16. Here is the actual letter as well as the English translation.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Receive enthusiastic greetings from your sisters and brothers at La Resurreccion.  We are always thinking of you and are grateful to God for each one of you.

Though we did not have a chance to see one another this year, we want you to know that your whole congregation is always in our prayers.

We want to share with you that we are filled with joy as we prepare for our 25th anniversary.  We would have loved it if you could have been with us in person to share this most special occasion with us, but we know you will be with us in spirit this Sunday, the 16th.

We ask for your prayers, and we appreciate the care and love you feel for us.  We hope we can see you soon.  We remember you always with deep love.


The Church of the Resurrection