How’s your Hearing? Hearing checks available

Hearing loss is an issue that affects people of all ages. In the US, the prevalence is 10-15% according to the National Institutes of Health. People may be born with hearing problems or acquire them over their lifetimes due to disease, aging, and injury. Impaired hearing can affect balance and increase risk for falls; it hampers learning and interferes with communication. Hearing loss can affect life at home, work or school, social settings, and in worship, too.

Some hearing losses from noise exposure can be prevented by using hearing protection and avoiding prolonged exposure to loud noise.  To help prevent noise-related hearing losses, always use hearing protection when prolonged loud noise is expected (noise cancelling headphones and ear plugs). Avoid prolonged exposure to loud noise when you can. More information is available at OSHA (, NIOSH ( or CDC ( websites.

It is a good idea to get your hearing checked occasionally so that any changes can be caught early. Many hearing problems can be successfully treated, so do not hesitate to ask your health care provider if you have concerns. You can get your hearing checked at your clinic. Hearing screenings are also available from the parish nurse, 651-699-1378 ext 3031 or