Holy Week Children’s Experiences

by Kyrstin Schwartz

This was my first Holy Week at Gloria Dei. I found myself more able to fully embrace the magnitude of Easter due to the unique Worship experiences leading up to Sunday. I am sure you have heard of the moving dinner church on Maundy Thursday, the heartbreaking music of Good Friday, the tradition and richness of the Easter Vigil.

Have you heard how Gloria Dei also helps walk with our children and young families as they prepare for Easter?  Gloria Dei offers three special Children’s Experiences on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Saturday. This year, each service offered music, storytelling, and a hands on opportunity to experience that special day.

On Maundy Thursday, families sat together and washed each other’s feet.On Good Friday, families drew pictures of something that made God sad and they laid them on the cross. On Saturday, families helped to wake up the Alleluia so that it would be ready for the Easter Vigil that evening!

These experiences helped children understand what comes before Easter so that they could truly experience it in all of its joy!