Happy News from Waverly Lutheran, our Partner Church!

A joyous announcement to Gloria Dei’s Harvest Homecoming alumni families! Waverly Lutheran is celebrating the addition of three new members, the newborn children of Daniel and Kendra Helvig. Dan and Kendra have taken over the teaching responsibilities of instructing our second graders in stewardship – the stewardship of the land. They drive the 2 ½ hours to Gloria Dei (each way) to teach the Sowing Seeds classes to our second graders, up to three times a year. You will certainly remember Dan as the young farmer who explains everything you want to know about farm machinery, and who speaks affectionately to our visiting families about how meaningful it is to be the 5th Helvig generation on his land and in the church. Dan’s ancestors organized and built Waverly Lutheran Church in Truman, MN, and Dan helps us to understand how his faith and land are so intricately intertwined.

When Dan and Kendra planned to start a family, they had no idea they would be starting a BIG new family. Their doctor informed them there was one heal thy heartbeat, a moment later there were 2 healthy heartbeats, and finally a third healthy heartbeat was found! The triplets were born April 20, weighing 4 ½ pounds each, and named Jack Norman, Eliza Jane, and Grayson Daniel. Jack and Grayson are identical twins! They are now 3 months old, all weigh over 12 pounds each, and are even sleeping through the night! If you would like to send a card to the Helvig family, contact Pat Derry at for address information.

We rejoice with Dan and Kendra, grandparents Jon and Karen Helvig, and the entire Waverly congregation!