Greetings from Colegio Luterano Agustino de Guatemala

Gloria Dei received this letter from our friends in Guatemala, sharing the good news and thank you for our support.  Translation is provided by Diego Gil.

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, through this letter, we send a fraternal greeting, wishing in God our Lord, you are enjoying the end of the year festivities, time of waiting and remembering the good news.

We want to thank everyone for their interest and help for the Augustinian Lutheran School of Guatemala during this year. Your help and care has reached the goal that 94 children finish their school year, have their books to learn and study. A grain of aid in our country Guatemala, which is appreciated, as it is extremely necessary.

We want to tell you that since July 2016, the school was chosen by the Ministry of Education to participate in the process of implementing an Internal Quality Assurance System. In which the school had to deliver written tests, photographs, and demonstrate work with the children during the school year. It was an arduous job but it strengthened us as an educational community. We as administrative staff have responsibility with our children, with their educational level, we have responsibility as a church and with you who support us year after year. On December 4 we were receiving our diploma, accrediting us as one of the 45 selected teams, that we fulfilled all the requirements. This is how we fulfill the educational community and the church.

We are very grateful for the help you give us, and tell you that at the moment we already have 93 children enrolled for the 2019 school year. In January we will be waiting to enroll more children.

We also want to tell you that one of our teachers: Professor Jesús Muñoz is retiring from school, for having the opportunity in the government to choose a position. The teacher is very grateful for the opportunities he had with us, such as work and university study, because without them he would not be opting for that position. Shortly we will be discussing who will come to replace it.

Without further ado, we are extremely grateful for your support and interest towards Guatemalan children and the Agustina Lutheran Church of Guatemala. Hoping to be able to have your support during the year 2019.

God bless you greatly and that on this special date of love and hope we all have a good end of the year. We say goodbye with brotherly love.