Gloria Dei Opposes Racism Against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

A Message from the Gloria Dei Racial Justice Committee

As followers of Christ, our mission is to stand with victims of racism in all of the ways it is expressed. We recognize the terror felt by Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders during this year, as blame has falsely been placed on them for the pandemic. This builds upon discrimination already present in our nation’s history and intersects with other expressions of sin and brokenness. With the recent shooting in Atlanta, though the motivation of the shooter is yet uncertain, the fears of Asian Americans are heightened as racism intersects with sexism and sexual exploitation, the idolatry of guns, xenophobia, and white supremacy. Gloria Dei opposes these social disorders as we care for all who suffer. As Christians, we are committed to living counter-culturally in the world that hurts and needs a vision of the love and hope of Christ.


O God, you form all humanity to bear your divine image, and you intend for everyone to live together in harmonious dignity. We pray for all people, whether ourselves or others, who suffer the cruelties of racial or ethnic prejudice. Grant your Spirit of power to all who are oppressed. Give healing to victims of violence, protection to the vulnerable and abused, better housing and worthy employment to the mistreated, courage to the fearful, a remedy for rage, strength to parents and caregivers, and hope to children and youth. Purge the privileged of their sense of superiority, and lead church and society to foster communities of equity and diversity; through Jesus Christ, our loving Savior. Amen.

Credit: All Creation Sings, Page 50

Take Action

Then, we take action. For those ready, here are some actionable steps to stay engaged and fight for justice.

Donate to the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, which advocates for Asian American women’s workers and reproductive rights.

Support other Asian American/Pacific Islander organizations and fundraisers.

– Share with your friends and family.

– Uplift local Asian American stores, restaurants, and organizations.

– Check-in and listen to your Asian American friends and peers.