Gloria Dei Supports Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative

$10,000 Gift Approved by Council

At the October 2021 Church Council meeting, the Gloria Dei Gifts, Grants and Memorials Committee (GGM) recommended a $10,000 gift to Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative (Beacon). As seed money, this gift will support a planned project to develop permanent affordable and supportive housing for families in Ramsey County.

Our Beacon Team at Gloria Dei, co-chaired by Don Fulton and Karen Lansing, made the request of the GGM. The Beacon Team formed about two years ago, and, as it did so many things, the pandemic slowed its work a bit.

According to Don, who also serves on GGM and did not vote on this matter, the team views Beacon almost as an extension of Project Home. The intent of Project Home was to be temporary housing until people found affordable permanent housing. Beacon provides permanent, affordable and supportive housing.

“A roof alone is one first step,” Don said. “Supportive housing sets people up to be successful.”

Supportive housing includes services like social workers and caseworkers, and resources related to health care, jobs and education. Beacon contracts with agencies that have the expertise and resources to provide the services.

In addition, our Beacon team wanted to focus on families, the long-term homeless and the previously incarcerated. While in the initial research stages, we anticipate that this project will be in Saint Paul with 35-45 units, serve families and could possibly be in the vicinity of Gloria Dei. It will be three to four years from now before it’s final.

Beacon offers various ways to be involved. An easy way to learn more about Beacon is to join the monthly “Rent is Due” online meeting. Generally held on the first weekday of each month at 8:30 a.m. on Zoom, it includes an update from staff and from a community member and closes with an action item and the tools to take the action. Learn more on the Beacon website.

To learn more about or get involved with the Gloria Dei Beacon Team, feel free to contact Don or Karen. The team currently includes cross-generational representation, which is important to Don and the team. Long term, Gloria Dei’s Beacon Team wants to be financially supportive and to engage with the community Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative serves.

Learn more about the Gifts, Grants & Memorials Committee on our website (under Committees).