Gloria Dei is a Monarch Waystation

Have you seen our monarch butterflies? Those of you walking or driving along the Eleanor Avenue side of Gloria Dei this past month have undoubtedly noticed the abundance of this magnificent creature. (See “Rooted in Generosity” by Pastor Lois in the September issue of the Guide.)

It turns out that the monarch butterfly is not only beautiful, but its numbers are declining. According to Chip Taylor, Director of Monarch Watch, “Monarch butterfly populations are declining due to loss of habitat. To assure a future for monarchs, conservation and restoration of milkweeds [and pollinators] needs to become a national priority.”

A resident of the “The Waters” (our next-door-neighbor), who has a passion for preserving the monarch butterfly habitat, noticed our rain garden with its abundance of monarchs. With the help of a Gloria Dei member, she contacted, and asked what we needed to do to be declared an official “Monarch Waystation”. It turns out that the rain garden had just the components necessary, including milkweed, nectar plants, and sustainable management practices! We have been officially certified!


So, next summer, as you notice the monarchs flitting about, you can feel confident that our congregation (along with our next-door neighbors at The Waters) is doing its part to ensure that these magnificent creatures flourish.