Capital Improvements & Building Upkeep

Projects around the building are continuing, using funds approved in the Capital budget at the February annual meeting.  So far:

Plaster repairs in the chapel, the ceiling of the balcony stairwell and the wall of the robing room are complete.  These are the repairs that were most critical.  More repairs are scheduled for next year and following years.

Roofing and siding repairs in the steeple were completed in July.  This was a carryover from the construction project.  The roof to the upper part of the steeple has been replaced.  Water-damaged wood in the side structure was removed and replaced, and new siding installed, sealing the wood to prevent future water damage.


Paint exterior trim and dentils around the sanctuary will begin within the next few weeks with work being completed by early fall.

Power door openers for the north and south doors by the parking lot have arrived and are in the process of being installed in August.

The landscaping plan for 2017 is complete.  Thank you for the additional support on this campaign.  Gloria Dei members worked on June 10 to plant perennial beds around the building, and shrubs were planted in July.  The rain gardens were evaluated to check progress and plans are underway to re-seed parts of the perimeter of the south rain garden.  Some plants in the north rain garden, which are under warranty, did not survive, and will be replaced.

Together, we continue to make Gloria Dei a safe and welcoming place for our congregation and community to gather.