Funeral Planning

Even at the Grave We Make Our Song

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Join us for a Zoom discussion of choosing hymns, prayers, scripture and other details for a funeral liturgy. The pastors will lead us as we consider what choices we can make and what plans can be put in place ahead of time.

The planning of a funeral can be done at any age and does not have to be seen as morbid, but rather as a way to allow family and friends to know requests and preferences.  This pre-planning offers our loved ones the chance to honor some of our wishes, and can alleviate some of the stress they will face at the time of grief and loss. Addressing practical matters concerning what to do with our bodies, what to consider in making a will, and how to pass along our ideas to others will be discussed.

Sponsored by Gloria Dei’s 3rd Chapter: Spirituality As We Age, which invites those who are 55 years of age and older to grow spiritually and to explore both the gifts and the challenges of these years.

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