Soul Food

May 24, 2019 @ 9:30 am – 11:00 am
Colonial Room
Pastor Lois Pallmeyer

Soul Food meets most Fridays of the school year to discuss a book from a faith perspective. We read a few chapters at a time, and enjoy rich discussions and engaging conversations. In addition we take time to reflect on the upcoming Sunday’s gospel reading, and pray together. All are welcome to join us as we gather to discuss one or all of the books through the year.

Our last book for this program year is The Case for God, by Karen Armstrong. Where does religion come from? How did ancient cultures begin to understand what they mean by the Divine, and how did their understanding influence the way they lived their lives?  Starting from the earliest civilizations, Armstrong traces the role spirituality has played in the life of people through a variety of world religions. Her study helps us consider why religion may play a less important role in modern society and what that might mean for us.

Whether you’ve been part of Soul Food before or are starting with us for the first time, you are welcome.

The Case for God, by Karen Armstrong.

5/3/2019    Introduction, Chapters 1-2 pp. ix-48
5/10/2019  Chapters 3-4 pp. 49-102
5/17/2019  Chapters 5-6 pp. 103- 158
5/24/2019  Chapters 7-8 pp. 159-208
5/31/2019  Chapters 9-10 pp. 209-288
6/7/2019    Chapter 12, Epilogue pp. 289 – 330

Questions?  Contact Pastor Lois Pallmeyer.

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