Pine Ridge, SD Mission Trip

June 23, 2019 – June 30, 2019 all-day
Katie LeClair

JUNE 23-30, 2019

Important considerations:

Morning, lunch and evening Bible devotions plus summer-camp like contemporary worship after dinner. We’ll be with Christians from other liturgical backgrounds. Plan to see God at work in a non-Lutheran context, it’s awesome!

It’s a road trip. We’ll be driving a lot. Before we return home, we’ll have time in Custer State Park, sight-seeing and hiking. Bring a friend and plan to make many new ones.

Construction-focused trip. No skills necessary, you will be trained. Outdoors work in the hot summer sun for at least six hours a day. We will serve where-ever needed; it may not be glamorous or seem meaningful, but it all matters. Our housing site has showers, but is not air-conditioned. Plan on being warm! You will need an air mattress and light sleeping bag or blanket. The food during the week is simple (pancakes, cereal, bagels, spaghetti, tacos, pulled pork, mac n cheese, hot dogs and burgers).

It’s late nights and early mornings – you will be stretched, it will be totally cool.

Trip Adults will be chosen and screened by church staff, in addition to doing mandatory child-safety training, they will be our drivers and guides on all work projects. They will eat and sleep on the floor just like the rest of the group. They come to serve and will do it to the best of their ability.

Fundraising will begin in the fall of 2018. Early registration will help you be included in all the opportunities. In the past four years, no student was turned away from any of our trips (including $1,600 for Alaska) because of lack of funds. If you want to go, we will make a way for you, if you can put the time and effort into fundraising. In the fall, we will begin with yard work and leaf raking and other odd-jobs as hired (window washing, etc.) During the winter, we will hand write letters to friends, family, and church members directly asking for financial donations. In the spring we will wrap everything up with a four-hour car wash.

Safety on the Reservation   The work sites that Next Step serves have your safety in mind. Just like in the Twin Cities there are parts of the towns we would not let you walk alone, you will always be in groups of three, and there will be a high number of adults and Next Step staff present in any area we serve. You will read about crime and poverty in Pine Ridge, and how it is a dangerous place. No one will be asked to do anything that puts their safety in jeopardy, ever. Instead, be prepared to learn about the work of the Spirit among God’s people in Pine Ridge and all the good other students just like you are doing.

We are not going as saviors   Next Step will teach you about a serving philosophy that puts the community forward in working right alongside of us. Community members direct all projects and they get the final say on how the projects are done. We aren’t there to save anyone. Relationships with the local people will always take priority. You will be encouraged to ask questions and listen to stories from people you meet. Further, Next Step has been working in Pine Ridge for many years, and the work continues even after teens leave for the summer. The work we do is all about strengthening the local community – not just doing repair jobs that will fall apart when we leave.

Team Building There will be two pre-trip meetings for the Pine Ridge travelers. These are mandatory parts of the trip. Be there on 4/7 and 6/2 from 12-2PM. You’ll get more info on what we will see, what you should bring, and meet your team members. We will take one extra day on 6/28 to explore South Dakota, doing some hiking and sight-seeing before leaving for home early Sunday morning. Have ideas about where to go or what to do? Let us know!

Completely unsure? Talk to some of the teens who have been on previous trips: Wind River, Wyoming, Niagara Falls, NY, Knoxville, TN, Savannah, GA, Fairbanks, AK and Kansas City, MO. We have kept thousands of pictures for you to see what it’s like on our flickr page too.

$100 due with registration

$250 due 12/31/18

$250 due 2/28/19

Balance minus fundraising due 5/31/19

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