Reading the Stories of Jesus through a Jewish Perspective 

On Wednesdays during Lent, join the pastors as we consider the Jewish nature and setting of Jesus’ parables. Jesus was a rabbi, and used distinctively Jewish forms of teaching in describing the reign of God. But two millennia of Christian interpretation may have obscured some of the meanings he tried to convey. Using insights from Short Stories by Jesus: the Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi by Amy-Jill Levine, the pastors will examine Jesus’ teaching through a Jewish lens, perhaps helping us uncover new insights regarding these familiar stories.

Eat dinner with us at 5:30, or pick up a bowl of soup and bring it to our discussion. Then join us for worship at 7:00 pm using a new version of Holden Evening Prayer.

Bible Study Schedule

  • March 13 — Mustard Seed with Pastor Bradley
  • March 20 — Yeast with Pastor Lois
  • March 27 — Good Samaritan with Pastor Javen
  • April 3 — Rich Man and Lazarus with Pastor Bradley
  • April 10 — Widow and the Judge with Pastor Javen