Creation Care

God first created Earth, and then created humankind. And the first task to humankind was to see that God’s creation was good and to care for it – to till and keep the Garden of Eden, and to care for the plants and animals on all the land and sea. Joining together to care for the masterpiece that God has made should be something that unifies us; a universal way to honor God through our actions.

When we look to the scripture, we see that God cares deeply about all of creation, not just humans. In the story of Noah and his Ark, God makes sure all the animals are on the ark (even mosquitos!). And when the flood recedes, God sets a covenant not only with Noah and his descendants, but “with every living creature that is with you … every animal of the earth with you.”

And in the Ten Commandments, God commands not only humans to rest on the seventh day and observe the sabbath, but also the livestock – the animals shall also have rest. In Leviticus, God commands the people to also give their land rest by letting it go fallow (unplanted) for a year in the seventh year. In Chapters 38 and 39 of Job, God speaks about all the creatures and environments God has made and how intimately God knows them – and of the joy and delight God takes in all creation.

God exhibits over and over again love of all Creation; and God knows it in incredible detail and does not find humankind separate from it, but a trusted partner in its care. When we make environmentally-wise choices we are celebrating and respecting creation, giving thanks for Earth’s abundant resources, and being good stewards with what we’re given.

Over the next several months, Gloria Dei’s Caring 4 Creation team will share information with us, in eNews and on our website, to help us all  with new or additional ways we can care for creation in our daily lives.

Source: Interfaith Creation Care of the South Metro is an organization of volunteers representing 15 faith communities in the South Metro. We collaborate to create content like this and to bring Creation-focused events and resources to all faith communities in the area. A service of Interfaith Creation Care South Metro.