COVID Health & Safety as of June 2022

Effective June 5, 2022, our current practice at Gloria Dei is that masks are optional and encouraged. In 2021 we installed an ionizer in the air handling system to scrub the air of virus and pathogens and fully refresh the air in the building every 45 minutes.

We continue to hold care and concern for households with young children who are still unable to be vaccinated against this virus. We continue to choose options that care for our neighbors.

It remains important that if you or anyone in your household doesn’t feel well or has been exposed to COVID, or are not as fully vaccinated as possible, you choose to stay home and worship with us online.

If you have questions about any of these changes, please contact one of our pastors at 651-699-1378 or email below.

Pastor Javen Swanson

Pastor Lois Pallmeyer