CoVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan as of July 1, 2021

After careful consideration, our COVID Safety Task Force recommended that Gloria Dei discontinue all COVID safety requirements at the church building. The church council voted to remove all COVID restrictions at Gloria Dei beginning July 1, 2021.

Science and data show that vaccines are effective and readily available for most of the population, and most of the wider community is open, Gloria Dei leaders are confident we can safely return to the building. Gloria Dei has installed an ionizer in the air handling system to scrub the air of virus and pathogens and fully refresh the air in the building every 45 minutes.

Families at Gloria Dei face larger challenges because young children cannot be vaccinated yet. Our prayers remain with those who are struggling with difficult decisions about returning to typical activities, with many making the choice to continue to isolate in smaller groups.

For those who are able to get the COVID vaccination, we encourage you to do so if you haven’t yet been vaccinated. We also encourage anyone who is not vaccinated to wear a mask and keep appropriate distance. When we return to the building with no mask or distance requirements, we ask everyone to pay attention to those who still wear masks and keep distance and respect their boundaries. We can continue our mission to care and heal by respecting all choices.