All-Congregation Summer Book

Read Together, Discuss Together

The Racial Justice Committee chose Dialogues On: Race as a summer reading book suggestion for our entire congregation. As Gloria Dei explores how to become an anti-racist Christian community, the committee invites every member to read a series of essays from different perspectives of color because listening and understanding voices of color is a crucial first step for communities immersed in white culture. You can purchase Dialogues On: Race from or directly from Augsburg Fortress. Publisher: Sparkhouse Press (August 8, 2019); ISBN: 978-1506454023

From the back cover:

“Race and racism are so prevalent in US culture, that few stop to reflect upon what race is, why it was created, and how deeply ingrained race has become in American Christianity. It has left American churches segregated in the pews and divided in faith. Can this damage be repaired? Dialogues On: Race explores that very question. With seven essays from leading Christian thinkers, Dialogues On: Race asks penetrating questions about how the church in the US got to this point, and how, or if, white supremacy can be expelled from American Christianity.

Suggested Reading/Discussion Approaches

  • Read on your own or as a family, or read it with a friend. Discussion questions for each chapter:
    – What did you learn/think?
    – What emotions/feelings did you notice?
    – What discomfort remains for you?
    – What is the growing edge for self/church?
  • If you would like to join a small group of Gloria Dei members to discuss the reading, sign up here and we’ll match you together.
  • Join a congregational monthly Zoom conversation on the last Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. to discuss various chapters.
    – June 24: Chapters 1-2
    – July 29: Chapters 3-4
    – August 26: Chapters 5-7

Companion Videos

For Amazon Prime members, the video, White Savior: Racism in the American Church, developed as a companion to Dialogues On: Race, is available for free. Or, you can purchase the Dialogues On: Race DVD from Augsburg Fortress.