“A Part of Me Feels______”

These five words are a relatively straightforward way to connect with yourself as you strive for clarity and happiness in your life. Of course, it’s the sixth word that may cause you to pause, look within yourself, and try to discern a specific emotion.

“These five words can start a helpful shift. It’s a process of emotional unblending, as Richard Schwartz and others in the field of Internal Family Systems (IFS) have discovered. And it brings many benefits.” Click here for full article from Psychology Today.

A seemingly crucial aspect of this practice is the word “part” – – – recognizing that an emotion (disappointment/anxiety/loneliness?) is not all-encompassing, but rather leaves space for parts of you that are not consumed by that particular negative emotion. “Focusing on one part may bring a gentle kind of curiosity” and self-compassion.

“Using these five words—“A part of me feels _____”—is a way of nurturing yourself. Adding them can bring an inner spaciousness where there is more room to breathe, experiment, and try new approaches. It’s a way to meet yourself with kindness and care.”