A Farewell Letter from Deacon Pat Derry

Dear members of Gloria Dei,

You gave me an amazing gift on my final day, September 30! You graced me with your blessing, your love, and your many words of gratitude. They all touched my heart. And the wonder of it is that I wanted to share the same with you- to bless you, to show you my love, and to give you my gratitude. The joy of this partnership in ministry is that we worked together to nurture our children and families, and that gives us joy!

Thank you for your cards, your gifts, and the monetary gift from the congregation. Each one is greatly appreciated!

I look forward now to a time of rest, of regaining my strength, and looking to see what will come of the rest of my life! It is a new adventure.

This past summer I was waiting in the Oslo Airport when I saw a large group of people from all over the world. They were saying goodbye to one another with great affection. I discovered these people were leaving an international convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The more I watched, I was touched by their farewells; the last thing they said to one another was, “I will see you in heaven!” How beautiful, I thought, that people take leave of one another with God’s promises on their lips.

We are more than friends and partners in ministry! We are all children of God, brothers and sisters in God’s Kingdom, and we will see one another in heaven! I look forward to that day as well, in the presence of Jesus and together in a land of no sadness or sorrow, but only the joy and light of God!

Dear brothers and sisters, I will see you in heaven!

Love, Pat