Highland’s Doggie Play Dates

Gloria Dei Lutheran has a sign on our front lawn that says “Everyone Welcome!” We’ve gladly extended that welcome to include our canine family members & neighbors who would like a fun place to socialize and exercise in our gym. We’re proud to be a place where God’s love can be shared with all God’s creatures!

Our Play Date now has a private Facebook group. Click here to join.


11/19 Monday 4-6

11/24 Saturday 4-6

11/26 Monday 5-7

12/7 Friday 2-4

12/14 Friday 11-1


Dog park rules apply:

* Have a blast! If possible, hang your coats in the hallway outside of the gym.

* Use the gym entry hallway to unleash your dog. These areas will have signs on them.

* We discourage you bringing your own dog toys or dog treats. There will be common toys available.

* Remain with your dog at all times – keep your leash handy if your dog needs a time-out or a potty-walk.

* If your dog gets too barky, please take her/him for a walk outside.

* Please clean up after your dog; we will have cleaning supplies.

* We will have water bowls & poo bags available.

* Please help yourself to some coffee. 🙂

* Bring a donation, if able (see below)

Directions: 700 Snelling Ave. S. St. Paul, MN 55116. Use the parking lot entry doors on the north side. The gym is directly up the steps/ramp to the north.

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We were featured in an MPR story about the cold weather! Click here to read.

By joining us, you’re agreeing to hold other dog owners responsible for behavior; the church is not liable for any injuries or accidents.

By joining us, you’re also saying it’s okay if we take a few pictures of the dogs too! We’d like to share them!

Optional: Your giving helps!
Finally, it’s completely optional, but we’ve set up a donation page if you’d like to contribute to coffee/ maintenance costs. Suggested donation is $5.00 hour. If you can’t contribute, you’re still 100% welcome.

When you arrive, we’ll ask for you to list any rescue organizations you support. At the end of each month, we’d like to make a donation of 50% of the proceeds to the rescue that gets the most votes from our visitors. In January, Play Date humans voted each week on their favorite rescue organization. We were happy to give half of our donations to the winner: Humane Society! In February, it was Secondhand Hounds!

We’ll have a donation bucket available for cash each week, in addition to an ipad Square if you’d like to contribute electronically.

Click to donate securely online: Choose “Highland’s Doggie Play Date”

Thank you for your support! Hope to see you at least once this month! New friends welcome.

Katie LeClair
Director of Youth & Family Faith Formation

Maddie Teipel
Highland Park Senior High Team Leader