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September 2011 The Art of Lucien Moretti: Occupation of Paris
Streets of Nice During the Occupation
Thirteen powerfully touching lithographs by Lucien Moretti are currently on exhibit in the Gloria Dei Art Gallery.  This series relates to the occupation of France by the Germans in World War II. Some scenes are lyrical, while others focus on the chaos of war and the victimization of the Jews.  The exhibition is at Gloria Dei on special loan from The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Minnesota.  The Art Committee is pleased to present this exhibit during September, as we focus on "Blessed are the Peace-Makers." 

We also invite you to attend the September 11 Adult Forum, “Gloria Dei Reads! when our country will mark the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.  

Moretti’s art combines the keen observations of a dedicated people-watcher and the talents of a gifted draftsman. His oils and lithographs are populated with a concentration of activity and people, some intense and lively, while others are melancholy or wistfully gazing into space causing the viewer to feel and experience similar emotions. There is a new discovery at each viewing of these complex works.

Born in Sureneas, France, in 1922, Moretti received his formal art training at the Beaux Arts School at about age 20.  Moretti was last known to be living and painting on the beach at Normandy in the small village of Étretat, noted for its sheer cliffs and pebble beaches.

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