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Rezek House

Rezek House is a transitional living center for homeless teens and their children in Saint Paul and is one of the homeless support systems provided by Lutheran Social Services.  The services provided at Rezek House help youth build on assets and strengths, and connect them with caring, supportive adults. 

LSS Rezek House provides a safe haven, supervision and important life skills training for homeless youth ages 16 to 21.  Because homeless kids are not just homeless, but also lack families and mentors who can teach them how to access community resources, supporting congregations play a key role in helping them develop.

Gloria Dei is proud to serve as a supporting congregation of Rezek House, assisting the youth who live and learn there.  The primary support provided by our congregation to these youth comes at Christmas time.  Gloria Dei receives the Christmas wish lists for 10-15 youth and their children. Through the generosity of our congregation the holiday season is brightened for these deserving young people in our community as we purchase appropriate and desired gifts for them.  You can participate by picking up a gift tag on Gloria Dei's Giving Tree at Christmas time.

To learn more about Gloria Dei's connections with Rezek House, contact Lara Hughes or Amy Moller.